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Get to know your farmer, rancher, producer, grower, baker, and artist to learn the interesting stories behind your food. For various reasons, not every vendor will be at every market; however, this listing below will show you which vendors are involved with our market. 


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Local Flavors~Familiar Faces

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Benicia King

Black Trumpet Trading Co.

Todd Maggio


Estes Farms

John and Brooke Estes

We have purple hull peas, green beans, tomatoes, 3 varieties of heirloom cherry tomatoes, green tomatoes, kale, collard greens, bell peppers, jalapenos, squash, cucumbers, garlic chives, and more!

Gussie Gayle

Tammy Hardwick

Harrison Farms

Ryan Harrison


Laura Chicola


Kountry Kreations

Sharon Willis

We have Blueberries (fresh and frozen)


Mack's Tomatoes & Produce

Michael and Ylane Albritton

We have Tomatoes, okra, peppers,

yellow squash, zucchini squash, new potatoes, onions, leeks, salsa, pickles,

jams and jellies, soup mix,

Italian sauce base, spice rubs


Notecards By Bethany

Judy Roberts

We have Original artwork and bread


Paul Tran Baker Man

Paul Austin


Renner Gardens

Sue Renner

We have Fresh cut flowers (lots of zinnias, some sunflower, mixed bunches), leeks, brussel sprouts, spaghetti squash, heirloom summer squash (crookneck, patty pan, Mexican grey, zucchini), beets (just roots), Thai roselle (citrus flavored greens used in stir fry, curry dishes, or cooked with lentils), kale (mixed bag of washed young leaves of curly, scarlet, red Russian, & Italian), fresh herbs (rosemary, Mexican tarragon, peppermint, lemon balm), heirloom cherry Tomatoes (short supply)


Scarborough Farm

John & Savannah Scarborough

We have Microgreens:

Sunflower Shoots

Salad Mix


Purple Top Turnips



Daikon Radish

Rambo Radish


Fresh Cut Herbs:


Sweet Mint

Sweet Basil

Chocolate Mint

Specialty Canned Goods:

Bread & Butter Jalapenos

Crunchy Sweet Peppers

Carrot & Jalapeno Relish

Jalapeno Slices


Stowe Creek Farms

Alex Fitzgerald


Susan Jackson Co.

Susan Jackson


Thompson's Peach Farm

Louie Thompson

We have Peaches, squash, zuchinni

Ben's Body Basics

Ben Whalen


Crooked Row Farms

Parker Johnson


Fuego Dulce Sauces

John Stack

We have nine different versions of the Sweet-Fire Sauces: Cayenne, Habañero, Serpent (There will also be a sugar-free version of this one), Ghost, Chocolate-Ghost, Yellow Lantern, Scorpion, and Reaper -- plus Fiery Marinara. We also have a mild version of the Sizzlin' Salsa (made with Serrano Peppers), the regular version (made with Habañeros), our Scorchin' version: (made with Ghost Peppers), and now one hotter still: Reaper Salsa.

We also now have Rick's Fuego Veggie Dip, Sloppy Fuego Dip, Fuego Hummus, Ghost Powder, Salsa del Taco, Reaper Pickles, Reaper Asparagus, Fuego Brownies, and we've got copies of the 30th Annual Louisiana Chicken Festival Cookbook with many delicious recipes, including several from Fuego Dulce!


Haj's Kitchen

Eyas Haj

We have Authentic Middle Eastern food

Hummus: Flavors (Tahini, Garlic, Spicy Hot, Roasted bell pepper, beetroots and Fresh Basil)

Baba Ghanoush: Flavors (Garlic, Spicy Hot, and mixed Vegetables)

Falafel (deep fried Chickpeas)

Fatayer ( Baked Sambosa): Flavors (Spinach, Nabulsi Cheese, Zatar)

Fresh Ramadan bread, sesame bread

Fresh mint lemonade


Holly Creek Farm

Thad and Melissa Martin

We have chicken eggs, pork, and seasonal vegetables


Jarrell's Specialty Foods & Catering

Larry Jarrell

We have Many Different casseroles: Chicken Vermicelli, Ritzy Chicken,Chicken & Rice, King Ranch, Beef Lasagna, Veggie Lasagna, Chicken Enchiladas, Sweet Potato.

Assorted cakes and pies: Chocolate Russian Cake, Pecan Pie, Cherry Pie, Butter Milk Pie, etc.

Variety of muffins: Morning Glory, Banana Walnut, Carrot Walnut, Peach, Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, Splenda Rasin-Bran, plus seasonal ones.

Chicken Salad, old fashioned teacakes, chocolate chip cookies, etc.

Assorted seasonal items.

Special orders always welcome along with SNAP exceptional service!

Living on a Prayer Flower Farm

Jessica Madden

Macksimum Artistry

Gabrielle Kirchem


Party Of Seven

Brent Gay

Peach City Rolled Ice Cream

Victoria Axton


Ridgetop Farm

Travis Arrant


Smellin' Somethin' Good Farms

Maxwell Hyde

We have

Sunflower and lily bunches, mixed bouquets, and arranged flowers in vases.


Sugar Shack Bakery

Jan Perkins

We'll see you Saturday! Cherry tomatoes, strawberry cream cheese brownies, gourmet brownies, pecan pie slices, salted caramel fudge, mild spicy pecans


Tacos The Guero

Jose Ayala

We have Breakfast tacos, burritos, and quesadillas,


Twin Bagel

Nick & Casey Hawkland

We have: Bagels

Cream Cheese

Billy's Barnhouse

David Gulledge


Current Farms

Kaden & Conrad Cable

Current Farms will has hand-picked blackberries and blueberries and foraged Chanterelle mushrooms.

Gnome Hollow Candle and Soap Company

Tisha Wrobel


Hand Blown Glass


Indian Village Harvest Farm

William Cook

We have


jams and Jellies.


Joywalk Daylily Gardens & Produce

Mike Joynor


Local Honey Co.

James L. Davis

We have Freshly harvested local honey


North Forty Woodworks

Larry Phagan

We have Cutting boards, pens, lazy susans, segmented bowls and more

Pastry Moon

Bonnie Ferguson


Perryman Produce

Molly Bailey


Sassy Sweet Treats

Ashley Pace & Connie Waits


Smith Family Farms

Laura Smith

We have beef, lamb, sausages, and smoked meats.


Sunshine Avenue Soap Company

Debra Kleinhofs


The Ruston Steepery

Leah Waltz

We have Mini morning glory muffins,

French breakfast puffs,

Vg/gf chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, lemon blueberry scones, mint chocolate truffles, Earl of Grey tea, berry hibiscus tea



Wes and Shirley

Book: "Traded to the Enemy"