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Monthly Pledge to RFM 


These introductory pledge packages to the Ruston Farmers Market are not corporate partnerships. Instead, these packages are monthly donations to the market, which helps sustain the essential functions around the market. 


The best part is that each subscription level comes with exclusive RFM merchandise! Each merchandise package is redeemable once per year upon continued renewal.  


These pledges are monthly plans. Meaning you will be billed each month. You can cancel or modify your subscription plan at any time, and each billing cycle starts at the end of each month.


Pledge Levels 

The PLATINUM package comes with our RFM VIP merch package!


$50 per month

The GOLD package comes with our RFM swag package!


$15 per month

The SILVER package comes with our RFM t-shirt package!


$5 per month

The BRONZE package comes with our RFM sticker package!


$100 per Month

Recurring Donations

Richard Jones

Gold Member

Laura Smith 

Silver Member

Joyce Guy 

Silver Member

Amanda Sutherland 

Bronze Member

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