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Items at This Week's Market

Below are the items that will be available at this Saturday's market. This page is updated Friday before each market, so be sure to check back to make your grocery list! 


A La Carde Studio

Art and note card sets

Bayou Charm Sewing

Handmade things: microwave bowl cozies, jumbo pot holders, snappy bags, quilts, and more!

Estes Farms

Lettuce, Onions, Garlic, Kale, Collards, Mustards, Turnips, Spinach, Cilantro

Fuego Dulce Sauces

Nine different versions of the Sweet-Fire Sauces: Cayenne, Habañero, Serpent (There will also be a sugar-free version of this one), Ghost, Chocolate-Ghost, Yellow Lantern, Scorpion, and Reaper -- plus Fiery Marinara. We also have a mild version of the Sizzlin' Salsa (made with Serrano Peppers), the regular version (made with Habañeros), our Scorchin' version: (made with Ghost Peppers), and now one hotter still: Reaper Salsa.

We also now have Rick's Fuego Veggie Dip, Sloppy Fuego Dip, Fuego Hummus, Ghost Powder, Salsa del Taco, Reaper Pickles, Reaper Asparagus, Fuego Brownies, and we've got copies of the 30th Annual Louisiana Chicken Festival Cookbook with many delicious recipes, including several from Fuego Dulce!

Fungi Fresh

Fungilato frozen dessert with mushrooms, screen printed notepads, and Ruston Peach Life t-shirts.

Haj's Kitchen

Salads; Jordanian, and fattoush
Pastries; Nabulsi cheese fatayer, Spinach,
Manakeesh Za'ater
Safeiha ( lamb and beef Pastries)
Ramadan bread

Jarrell's Specialty Foods and Catering

Kat’s Jewelry

NEW Peach jewelry! Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and Gift Wrapping

Mack's Tomatoes & Produce

Jelly: Grape, Scuppernong, Apple, Pineapple, Blueberry, Muscadine, Mixed Fruit, Mango Passion Fruit, Mayhaw, Plum, Cranberry Apple, Cranberry Raspberry Pear, Tart Cherry
Pepper Jelly: Pineapple Habanero, Strawberry Tabasco, Apple, Blueberry, Plum, Raspberry, Mango, Cherry
Pickles: Jalapeno Candy, Fire and Ice Pickles
Soup Mixes and Dip Mixes
Spices Rubs and Seasonings

North Forty WoodWorks

Cutting Boards, Segmented Bowls, Cheese Slicers, Pens, Bottle Stoppers, Serving Trays, Knitting Bowls, Popourri Bowls, Chess Boards, . Many other types of Handcrafted Woodworks.

Nose Play Collection


Real Life Wellness

Seamoss gel, seamoss juice, elderberry infused seamoss gel, seamoss capsules

Scarborough Farms of Louisiana

Microgreens: Salad Mix, Broccoli, Daikon Radish, Arugula, Red Cabbage, Pak Choi, Buckwheat, Pea Shoots, Sunflower Shoots, Beets, Living Microgreens

Sprouts: N/A

Grass-fed Beef: Ground Beef, Stew Meat, Round Steak, NY Strips, Beef Ribs, Sausage, Flank Steak, Broth Bones, Heart, Tongue, Chuck Roasts

Pasture Raised Chicken: Sold Out

Pork: Chops, Shoulder Roasts, Loin Roasts, Bones

Baked Goods: Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Italian Herb Bread, French Bread, White Sandwich Bread, Honey Wheat Bread, Garlic Bread, Cracked Wheat Bread, Caraway Rye Bread, Mustard Rye Bread, Market Seed Bread
**These are the varieties available for pre-order. Availability at market is not guaranteed.
**Free slicing available

Canned Goods: Bread & Butter Jalapenos, Jalapeno Candy, Jalapeno Candy Marinade, Simply Sliced Jalapenos, Simply Crunchy Sweet Peppers, Pickled Red Onions, Salsa Verde

Specialty Goods: Honey, Cinnamon Honey Butter, Sunflower Shoot Pesto, Eggs

Bath & Body: Soaps from Gnome Hollow Candle & Soap Company

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Smith Family Farms

Beef. Lamb. Sausage

Sugar Shack bakery

The usual

Sugar Therapy Sweets and Eats

Decorated cookies, brownies, chocolate covered Oreos, and more!


Cold Press Juices

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