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Using SNAP/EBT at the Ruston Farmers Market


*Thanks to a grant from the Lincoln Health Foundation, Ruston Farmers Market is able to double your tokens up to $10 per market day. If you ask for $10 to be withdrawn from your card, you'll be given $20-worth of wooden tokens to spend at the market. 

Once Double Bucks funds are exhausted, we will return to our regular Louisiana Purchase card acceptance program.


Items eligible for purchase with your card include fresh produce, eggs, dairy products, jams, honey, meats, baked goods to be taken home (not eaten on-premise), seeds, and plants intended for growing food.

How to Use your EBT Card at RFM:

  • First, look around at what the vendors offer, noting how much you would like to spend.

  • Bring your card to the Welcome Booth with your card and let us know how much you would like to withdraw from your card. Someone will swipe your card for that amount of money, you will enter your PIN on the machine, and you'll be given $1 wooden tokens in that amount*.

  • Use the tokens as you would cash.

  • If you would like a refund for any remaining tokens, only unmatched funds are refundable. Any tokens you have leftover can be used at the market anytime. 

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